wolverineFederal wildlife officials Friday proposed Endangered Species Act protections for the wolverine in the Lower 48 states.


08.13.14: Vietnam police nab 3 for trading tiger skeletons at dog-meat eatery Police in the southern province of Dong Nai have detained three people after catching them illegally trading two tiger skeletons

08.13.14: ‘Tiger selfies’ banned in New York Some of New York’s Internet Romeos will have to find new ways to attract mates now that it’s illegal to pose for photos with a tiger, lion or other big cat

08.12.14: A Bengal tiger was discovered locked up in abandoned house in Mexico Mexican authorities searching an abandoned house were left stunned when they discovered a Bengal tiger locked in a cage

08.12.14: Purrfect new additions to the zoo BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo recently announced the debut of its Malayan tiger cubs, who were born on July 29th. While these beautiful babies are the fifth and sixth Malayan cubs born

08.11.14: Tinder’s tiger selfies harmful for wildlife You might have noticed recently that a plague of “selfies” with tigers appears to have overtaken mobile dating app Tinder

08.07.14: Tiger Cubs Born at Baton Rouge Zoo for First Time in 25 Years Our sister station in Baton Rouge, WVLA, reports BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo is excited to announce the birth of Malayan tiger cubs

08.07.14:How to adopt a tiger, virtually Sure, it would be great to have a tiger, manatee or horse to call your own. But what about those food bills? The mess? And what to tell your condo board or neighbors?

08.04.14: Thailand the great hope in saving the tiger The planning for a genetics regional database for wild cats in Thailand has begun in hopes of rescuing wild breeding tiger populations in the region

08.04.14: Released on bail, tiger poachers never appear before courts again Even as endangered species like tigers are bring poached to extinction, those involved are being freed one by one on bail

08.02.14: Indianapolis Zoo Celebrates Birth of Amur Tiger Cub At a time when one of the largest cat species, the powerful and majestic Amur tiger, is at risk of vanishing from the wild, the recent birth of a healthy cub

08.01.14: Tiger cubs celebrate 1st birthday at SA zoo Two Sumatran tiger cubs celebrated their first birthday Friday at the San Antonio Zoo. The two girls, “Diana” and “Ja’Malle,” each weigh about 100 pounds

08.01.14: Five things you can do today to help save the tiger This week, as part of our Save the Tiger campaign, we at The Independent have tried to show you some of the threats that tigers face

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