For Tiger Populations, a New Threat

10 November 2014 | Wildlife Conservation Society news release

NEW YORK — Along with the pressures of habitat loss, poaching and depletion of prey species, a new threat to tiger [Continue Reading…]

Award-Winning New E-book to Benefit WCS Tiger Work

20 Ways To Track A Tiger is a multi-sensory e-book experience about the survival of a wild Indian tigress and her two cubs in the Indian jungle

E-book features videos, photo galleries, [Continue Reading…]

Urgent Need to Invest in Enforcement to Secure Future of Malaysia’s Tigers


Dear Editor,

Urgent Need to Invest in Enforcement to Secure Future of Malaysia’s Tigers
The Malaysian Conservation Alliance for Tigers (MYCAT) welcomes the government’s [Continue Reading…]

Discovery Channel and BBC Track One of the World’s Rarest Animals in ‘Last Tiger Standing’

(LOS ANGELES, CA) In the U.S. premiere of the Discovery Channel/BBC co-production LAST TIGER STANDING, airing September 25 at 10PM ET/PT, a team of experts braves the frozen forests of Russia seeking to track one of the world’s rarest, [Continue Reading…]

Discovery Channel Documents Never-Before-Seen Behavior In ‘Tigress Blood’

(LOS ANGELES, CA) Tigers are solitary hunters. But in the forests of Central India, a gang of four tigresses is rewriting the rules of tiger behavior. Blood ties them together, but instinct tears them apart. They are feared, they are relentless, and [Continue Reading…]

Wildlife Crime Focus of Nepal meeting

KATHMANDU, Nepal – Formulating a collaborative strategy against wildlife crime was the focus of the second annual meeting of the South Asia Wildlife Enforcement Network (SAWEN), which brought together more than 50 wildlife [Continue Reading…]

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